O’Bombay – a city that is paradoxical at its core. A city that weaves magic and can set your adrenalin rushing with its vibrancy, colour and spice whilst also leaving you completely overwhelmed with its sheer size and a constant buzz!  Truly a city that never sleeps!!     


Our Story

When we thought of a restaurant that provided you with an authentic palate from the streets of Mumbai, we sought a name that mirrored the essence of the Bombay that we grew up in and memorabilia that are reminisce of the old city.

It has been our endeavor to allow you a peek into this mysterious city that can envelop you in its warmth and safety and allow you to savor the tastes that are built by millions who have made this city their home over the past  100 years. We hope that you enjoy this culinary experience while we transport you to the city of dreams..

                                        “Zara hatke Zara bachke… Yeh hai Bombay meri jaan“ 
Come and experience the Bombay through our senses, for we truly believe that Mumbai is a city and Bombay an emotion.

Our Team